Tahini and Cardamom Sandwich Cookies

IMG_3006This is the first recipe I’ve tried from my new cookbook Honey & Co. The Baking Book. It’s a really good read and after carrying out my first recipe of theirs I’m glad to say it was very easy to follow and the result was delicious. The cookies themselves are really crumbly, not overly sweet and had a really subtle spiciness from the tahini and cardamom and are sandwiched together with a creamy white chocolate filling. I did however make one change. They recommend 2-3 tsp of rose water in the sandwich filling which I just left out. I had a bad experience making rose water ice-cream a few years ago and even though I followed the recipe it was still compared to eating a glade plug-in or pot-pourri. I haven’t had it in the kitchen since. Maybe it’s a bit harsh to rule out or alter every recipe with this ingredient because I MAY have been a bit heavy-handed with it one time years ago but that’s just how the cookie crumbles!

270g strong white flour

150g caster sugar

150g unsalted butter

half a tsp ground cardamom

150g tahini paste

100ml double cream

250g white chocolate

De-seed cardamom pods until you have half a tsp (for me this was 13 pods) and grind them in a spice-grinder or pestle and mortar.

In the bowl of a free-standing mixer add the flour, sugar, butter (room temperature, cubed), cardamom and tahini and mix at a low speed until the dough comes together. Turn speed up to high until it becomes smooth.

Pinch out pin-pong ball sized amounts of dough (about 30g), roll into balls between your palms, place on a parchment lined baking sheet and press down a little to form a fat disc shape. Leave about 4cm between each cookie for them to expand.

Bake at 180 C for 10 mins.

Rotate the baking sheet for even baking and bake for a further 6 mins.

Remove from oven and allow cool completely before moving. They will be too soft to move when warm and you may feel you should give them more time in the oven to colour are harden but they will firm up when cool.

Heat the cream and bring to the boil.

As the cream is cooking, break up the white chocolate into small pieces.

Pour hot cream over chocolate and mix until melted and combined. If chocolate is not melting, put the bowl into the microwave for 30 seconds and mix again.

Once mixed, put in the fridge for about 30 minutes to firm up slightly to the consistency of peanut butter.

Put a teaspoon of the chocolate cream mixture on half the cookies and push the corresponding half down until the cream comes to the edges.

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