About Me


I am a home cook with no training or even any skill to speak of. I am, however, a gluttonous pig who has always enjoyed eating and drinking. With no offence intended to my parents, from a very early age I knew that if I wanted to eat something nice, I was going to have to make it myself. For the past two decades I’ve seen my interest in cooking (and eating) develop into a passion and then into what is now an obsession.

This blog is intended to share with you all the recipes, tips and tricks I’ve learned on how to cook for one or a crowd with the occasional healthy recipe thrown in too for good measure.

I do not have a videographer or a food stylist or a prop manager like most professional food bloggers, nothing to dress my food up and make it look better than it is or than you can make it yourself! I have just an iPhone and a tripod to shoot exactly what I’m doing in my kitchen, so what you see is very much what you get.

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